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Rocky Mountain High Cat Show

Rocky Mountain High Cat Show

April 20-21, 2024

Doherty High School

4515 Barnes Road

Colorado Springs, CO


16 Rings

16 Judges

Lots of fun


Every 20 Exhibitors Giveaway

Just  one way Garden of the Cats is making it fun to join us for our Kitty Prom 2022.

Garden of the Cats is excited to announce our Every 20 Exhibitors Giveaway.  For every 20 exhibitors who enter our Kitty Prom 2022, we will hold a random drawing for a restaurant gift card (i.e. Outback, Olive Garden, etc.).  Every additional 20 exhibitors entered in the show will lead to another drawing.  No additional purchase is necessary. You are entered automatically in the drawing when you enter the Kitty Prom 2022.

To enter the Kitty Prom 2022, you must enter through the TICA show calendar. https://tica.org/events/show-calendar  

Should you be new to showing and would like to enter your pedigreed cat in our TICA-sponsored Kitty Prom 2022, or your nonpedigreed cat in the Household Pet classes (kitten and adult), please contact Catherine Rudy for information on how to do so.

Every 20 Exhibitors Giveaway Winners

First 20 Exhibitors: Joyce Gilbert

Second 20 Exhibitors: April Leitte

Third 20 Exhibitors: Nicole Campos

Fourth 20 Exhibitors: Sheryl Flake