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Special Recognition Member

Garden of the Cats would like to recognize the amazing deeds of its members at certain times. These deeds are those that go above and beyond the duties of the organization, which put a special demand on the member and have an impact on the community.

It is my pleasure to name Mary Killen as our first Special Recognition Member (October 2019).

Mary Killen is a founding member who works closely with a number of animal welfare groups in Pueblo, as well as volunteers her time with the Pueblo County 4-H. She is crucial in the Pueblo County 4-H activities surrounding the State Fair. Recently, Mary took on the duties as the Garden of the Cats Junior Exhibitor liaison with TICA.

During our Halloween Hiss-teria Cat Show (October 12-13, 2019), Mary Killen found two children to sponsor at our show as junior exhibitors. Unfortunately, before the show, one of the children’s mother contacted Garden of the Cats and said that her child would not be able to attend because of car trouble. Mary Killen volunteered to take the child and her kitten for the weekend so the child could have the experience of attending and exhibiting in a professional cat show.

Mary had been planning on staying in Colorado Springs with her family at a hotel for the duration of the show, and she welcomed this child along for the trip. Mary and her family took care of this young child, mentoring her in showing her cat, and even encouraging the child to steward for the show on Saturday.  Mary encouraged the child to take part in the Junior Exhibitor ring and the child did a wonderful job in presenting her kitten to the TICA Judge, Kim Chenault.

Mary Killen’s selflessness in working with animal welfare groups, and especially her actions the weekend of our Halloween Hiss-teria, embody the heart and spirit of why Garden of the Cats was formed. We should all be more like her in showing empathy and generosity to others, and to the helpless domestic pets around us.

Thank you, Mary, for what you did during our show. I will forever remember the impact your selflessness had on that child.

-Catherine Rudy