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Board of Officers

Catherine Rudy, President: Catherine is a founding member of Garden of the Cats and the initial President of the organization. She has parented cats her entire adult life, most of them rescues, but has recently created a small home-based cattery for Minuets (also known as Napoleons). She also has three dogs–two shelter dogs and a purebred German Shepherd–and oddly considers herself a dog person over a crazy cat lady. She is responsible for maintaining the organization’s website, organizing club functions, including TICA-sponsored shows, and overseeing all club committees.

Robyn Briceno, Vice-President/Secretary: Robyn is another founding member of Garden of the Cats and is a passionate cat parent who treasures her handsome and loyal rescue cat, Banksy. She has an invested interest in furthering the goals of this organization. She is quite dedicated to furthering the goals of the club. As Vice-President, William takes over duties in the absence of the President and serves on several committees.

Bryan Rudy, Treasurer: Bryan is better known as Scott and is married to Catherine. He not only helps out with the numerous duties required in raising cats and shepherding the dogs, but will be best used for heavy lifting during club functions. He otherwise oversees the books of the organization and ensures that expenses are kept to a minimum.

Jessica Mace, Counselor: Jessica is the club’s conscience and keeps us on our toes. She raises lovely Maine Coon cats and determined to make sure the club is first and foremost dedicated to developing cooperative relationships with local rescues and shelters.


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