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Past Events

Spring Sustainability Expo 2019

Garden of the Cats’ first event ever was the Spring Sustainability Expo 2019, on March 23-24, 2019, in Colorado Springs, in which we held a TICA-sponsored cat show. It was a huge undertaking and not done without a bit of apprehension of whether we could pull it off.  But we did. We had our cat show with over 100 championship cats competing, 60 vendors, and pet adoptions with TCRAS (Teller County Regional Animal Services). It was a great weekend and an eye opener. We realized that we could pull off these events as long as we were a strong organization with dedicated members. We had those and we were emboldened to continue our efforts. We immediately looked forward to the future of putting on our next show.

TICA Judge Steve Lawson, judging Tishala’s Pride Tish, a pedigreed Savannah cat.

                              Pet Expos

Garden of the Cats members, Catherine Rudy and Maison Briceno, spent the weekend in Colorado Springs at the Colorado Springs Pet Expo (April 26-28, 2019), and Denver at the Denver Pet Expo (August 17-18, 2019). At each expo, Garden of the Cats passed out information on our organization and informational pamphlets on pet ownership, as well as copies of our inaugural magazine, The Cat-o-Dog, which had articles on responsible pet ownership.

Halloween Hiss-teria Cat Show

Garden of the Cats put on their second large event on October 12-13, 2019, called the Halloween Hiss-teria Cat Show. This was a TICA-sponsored cat show, with sponsored children as junior exhibitors. We had over 100 championship cats competing and 25 vendors. Although it wasn’t as big as our Spring Sustainability, it had more interactive events, including safe trick or treating for the public, a cat costume contest, a best decorated shelter contest, People’s Choice Awards, and a holiday costumed staff.  It was quite a fun weekend but hectic. Still, in retrospect, I wouldn’t have wished it to have been any different.

Vickie Fisher, TICA President and Judge, judging a Household Pet kitten

Blythe Sanford and her beautiful Sphynx “astronaut”, winner of the cat costume contest.

A competitor in the cat costume contest, during the parade of costumed cats.

TICA Judge, Kim Chenault holds the Junior Exhibitor ring.

Exhibitor Laura Haswell won the best decorated shelter contest. She did an amazing job!

Kitty Prom 2022

As what happened around the world, COVID shut down all shows from 2020-2021, so we were unable too have a cat show during that period.  However, we were able to start up again in 2022, and we did so with a 3-day show in Colorado Springs, at Under the Sun Dog Training Center on April 22-24, 2022.  Yes, a cat show at a dog facility, but it went outstandingly well.  We had 162 cats competing and it was just good fun for everyone.  A lot of spectators came to view these beautiful cats, and not to forget our best Household Pets as well.  We had cats come from as far as Mexico, France and China, which really exemplified the International aspect of the cat show.  During this show, we set aside money and donations for our two local charities: Happy Cats Haven and Southern Colorado Spay and Neuter Clinic.  

Kitty Prom 2022 was held at Under the Sun Dog Training and Event Center, in Colorado Springs.  A wonderful venue on artificial turf.

TICA judge Debbi Brown examines a Savannah cat, as Judge-in-training, Teresa Carroll-Childers watches.

TICA judge Hisako Yamada allows a cat to play as she judges its structure.

A non-pedigreed household pet cat relaxes in the Candy-land ring.

TICA judge and South Central Regional Director Jim Armel judges a Savannah in Ring 5.

Furry Tails 2023

Golden, CO

April 14-16, 2023

Garden of the Cats was lucky to find a venue for its 2023 show, but we had to go up to Golden, CO in order to do so. We had our next 3-day professional and household pet cat show on April 14-16, 2023 at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds. During this show, we had our best turnout of junior exhibitors, which were comped for entries and were able to have a special junior exhibitor ring with TICA Judge Jackie Rose.  They were also able to compete with all the other competitors for the weekend. This year, our sponsored charity was Angels with Paws, a wonderful cat rescue that deals a lot with cats with special needs. We were able to donate money acquired from various avenues of income and collect supplies from spectators who brought food and supply donations in lieu of cash to see the show.

This show was our biggest yet, with 187 entries. A wide assortment of the best of the breeds competing for the final points of the show season. It was a successful event, with a great amount of spectators. We were able to be featured on Fox News on Friday, April 14, 2023, with several live segments with Dan Daru. We would not have been able to drum up that much publicity if it wasn’t for their help.

TICA Judge Jackie Rose, from our home state of Colorado, judges an alter Russian Blue.

Thanks to Jeffco Fairgrounds for letting us have our show in their wonderful event center.  Spacious and clean, the staff was absolutely fabulous.

TICA judge Charlotte Shea, from Texas, judges the Adult Championship class. These are the pedigreed cats representing the best of the breeds.

TICA judge Hisako Yamada, from New Mexico, judges Wolfie, a Household Pet. We love our non-pedigreed cats.

Marley Briceno just couldn’t stay awake on the third day and sacked out on the serving cart. Table service was offered to exhibitors.

Our wonderful kitchen staff, mostly club members: Robyn Rudy-Briceno, Carlos Briceno, Jason Ford, Mary Killen, CJ Ford, Charlotte Ford. They did an outstanding job working the kitchen and hats off to them.