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Garden of the Cats is a membership-based community with a focus on promoting the welfare of pets through the advocacy of animals in general and by educating the public on responsible pet ownership and care, and supporting animal shelters and rescues. Our community also supports organizations that practice catch, neuter, and release programs to help control the feral cat populations, and offering basic health care through vaccinations of these animals. Learn more about these programs throughout this website.

Garden of the Cats is a regional organization that focuses on issues in the Southern Colorado area, including but not exclusive of the metropolitan areas of Colorado Springs and Pueblo, CO.

We are an organization affiliated with The International Cat Association (TICA, www.tica.org) and host TICA shows to help fulfill its purpose of education and advocacy of animal welfare. These shows are an excellent way for the public to appreciate the beauty and magnificence of cats, and to learn proper care of any household pet as a responsible owner. Our shows invite local animal rescues to bring domestic cats looking for homes for adoption. We offer seminars to teach a variety of subjects and have experts on hand to answer all questions on cat breeds and proper care of cats.

We also strongly support dogs and other types of pets, as every animal has the capacity to give love to its human family and needs protection against cruelty and misfortune.

As a nonprofit organization geared toward the advocacy of animal welfare, we rely entirely on volunteers, donations, and fundraising events to meet the expenses necessary to promote our goals. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in assisting Garden of the Cats in our endeavors of supporting various animal needs.

Learn about the charities we support here.

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