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Youth Efforts

Garden of the Cats recognizes that the younger generation is the future of the world. It is important to teach them respect and appreciation of animals, not only for them to care for animals in a humane way, but to pass along these ideals to others. In order to do that, Garden of the Cats has the following Youth Programs to both teach respect for animals and to honor responsible youngsters for their civic and personal growth efforts.


Garden of the Cats has created a lesson plan for schools to teach responsible pet ownership, and at times, when invited by schools, will teach these classes ourselves. Check back to see how our classes develop in the community.

Junior Exhibitors

Reduced entry fees for Junior exhibitors in Garden of the Cats hosted shows. We also encourage participation in shows as stewards and clerks. Junior exhibitors, when requested, will be paired with experienced exhibitors, to help them learn the process of showing.

4H Groups

Garden of the Cats encourages 4H participation in shows, whenever possible, and sponsors some 4H members in shows.

Young Entrepreneur Program

Garden of the Cats hosted shows that have vending opportunities will allow Young Entrepreneurs to purchase vending space as a significantly reduced rate. These young entrepreneurs will be placed together so attendees can see these vendors in the context of their efforts and not be lost among adult vendors.

To learn more about these programs, don’t hesitate to contact us here.