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Rocky Mountain High Cat Show

Rocky Mountain High Cat Show

April 20-21, 2024

Doherty High School

4515 Barnes Road

Colorado Springs, CO


16 Rings

16 Judges

Lots of fun


Corsage Contest

Join us in celebrating our cat’s 2022 Prom by making a corsage to represent either your cat or something special to you.  

The best corsage designer will win a SturdiProducts Pia’s Paisley Double Shelter and a matching pet carrier.

Contest is open only to Prom exhibitors.


1. One corsage entry per exhibitor

2. Maximum size not to exceed 5” x 6”

3. Should be able to be worn on the wrist or chest.

4. No name or cattery to be listed on the corsage; however, the design may represent a breed of cat.

5. Corsage can be creative, representational, or simply a thing of beauty.

6. To remain anonymous, each corsage will be given a number on the back to represent the name of the contestant


Friday and Saturday judges will pick their favorite corsages (1-3, depending on how many have been entered).  These will become the finalists.

Sunday judges will choose the winning corsage.

A typical corsage. You can design it any way you want, provided you keep within the size limits.