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Garden of the Cats

The Cat-o-Dog Magazine

Garden of the Cat’s quarterly magazine, The Cat-o-Dog, is our magazine focusing on both dogs and cats, and pet-related topics. It features:

Articles on pets


Informative features

Kid-friendly section

Everyday pet hacks


Your purchase of our Cat-o-Dog magazine helps Garden of the Cats do further good work with animal shelters and rescues. Get your Cat-o-Dog magazine four times a year for only $19.95.

Contact us to get on our subscription list.

Advertising in our Cat-o-Dog magazine

Want to get in on advertising in a magazine targeting a non-discriminating pet market? We love both dogs and cats and feel like we can’t discriminate against either. So advertise with us and reach a wider market of pet lovers.

Our current advertising rates are as follows:

Full page, full color advertisement:                              $425.00  

Full page back cover, full color advertisement:               $500.00 (one per issue)

Half page, full color advertisement                               $225.00  

¼ page, full color advertisement                                  $125.00

1/8-page, full color advertisement                                $75.00

Business card size                                                      $40.00

If you are interested in advertising in our Cat-o-Dog magazine, which will reach pet lovers through various distribution means, please contact our advertising department at wolfpirateprop@aol.com for further information.