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Kitty High School Prom 2020

March Madness Drawing

We all know how exhibitors enter shows, watching the cat counts and most opting to wait until the end before they choose which show to go to.  But on the show side, we need your entries early to look appealing to those who are holding out.  With that said, Garden of the Cats tries to make our shows as enticing as possible.  That’s why we’re doing a March MAAAADNESSSS drawing to get you guys entered earlier than you usually do.

Every exhibitor who enters during the month of March will be put in a drawing to be reimbursed in full for one of their entries.  The drawing will be held on April 2,, 2020, because holding it on April 1st might be considered an April Fool’s Day joke.  See below for the following rules to the drawing.

1. The drawing will only take place if at least 31 exhibitors enter a cat in the Kitty High School Prom, to be held in Colorado Springs, CO, on April 25-26, 2020, during the month of March.  That means one exhibitor per day of March.  (An exhibitor is not the same as the number of cats entered.)

2. An exhibitor will be entered so many times into the drawing as the number of competing cats they enter. For instance, if an exhibitor enters two cats in any of the competing rings, that exhibitor will be entered twice into the drawing.

3. Cats entered as exhibition or any other class that does not pay for an entry will not be considered eligible for the drawing.

4. All entries entered into the drawing must have been paid for by April 2, 2020, before the drawing. The winning exhibitor will be reimbursed the full amount for the entry of their choice.

5. Junior exhibitors are eligible for entry in the drawing, provided they comply with Junior Exhibitor rules.

6. Any exhibitor that has entered the show prior to the start of this contest (March 5, 2020) will automatically be entered into the drawing according to the above rules, provided they have paid for their entry. Any unpaid entries on April 2, 2020 will not be included in the drawing.  There is no need to do anything to enter the contest if you have already entered the show.

7. Grooming spaces will not be reimbursed, if they were requested.

8. Entering the show through TOES during the course of this contest (March 5-31, 2020) will automatically enter you into the drawing, provided compliance with the above rules.

9. Entries after March 31, 2020 will not be eligible for the drawing.

SOOOO, get those entries in now!  You have the chance of getting your entry reimbursed.  Add that to great hotel and rental car rates, amazing judges, 16 rings, and 2 congresses, and other chances to win fantastic prizes, you will have a fantastic weekend.